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BEYOND is Widex’s new Made for iPhone hearing aid, packed full of excellent listening features and convenient accessibility for wearers. BEYOND connects to your smartphone (both iPhone and Android) through a smart, swipe-function app, allowing for convenient and intuitive adjustments to your listening experience. Through the app, you may adjust programs, listening preferences, and volume. Wireless connectivity also allows for streaming of phone calls, Face Time, music, movies, and other media directly from your smartphones to the BEYOND aids in your ears.

Wireless Connectivity Options

BEYOND offers TRI-LINK, three ways to access clear sound: Bluetooth, telecoil, and transmission from Widex’s DEX Series accessories.

With the BEYOND Made for iPhone app and connectivity with Bluetooth, BEYOND hearing aids provide access to your smartphones, Apple Watch, and tablets, along with other Bluetooth compatible devices (stereos, home entertainment systems, etc.). For wearers familiar with smartphone operation, the swipe functions and simple program controls will be easy on the BEYOND app.
Through the telecoil (T-coil), BEYOND hearing aid wearers may connect to hearing loops in public spaces (houses of worship, auditoriums, etc.) to stream sound from the venue’s PA directly to their ears.

The DEX series offers a number of assistive listening options for people who need an extra boost of amplification. DEX accessories provides hands-free connectivity, as well as remote microphones to amplify speech sounds, delivered directly to your BEYOND aids.

Advanced Listening Features

BEYOND guarantees wearers access to crystal clear, true-to-life sound, with special features dedicated to both music and speech. BEYOND offers a number of advanced features to capture clear sound and provide wearers with accessibility: True Input Technology, Soft Level Noise Reduction, and SMARTWIND Manager. These features work together to provide natural sound in all environments, with improved speech intelligibility.

BEYOND wearers will appreciate brilliant sound in any environment, speech recognition even in loud spaces, and comfort in windy outdoor settings. True Input Technology is the feature that provides accurate sound reproduction in all listening scenarios, whether you’re in the car or a busy restaurant. Soft Level Noise Reduction captures the intricacies of speech sounds, especially soft speech against loud environments. SMARTWIND Manager provides comfortable listening by significantly reducing wind sounds and background noise, while improving speech recognition. Studies have found that SMARTWIND Manager provides 30% improvement in normal conversation. With all of these excellent features, BEYOND adds another bonus: it is currently the lowest battery-consuming Made for iPhone hearing aid available on the market.

BEYOND recreates the experience of binaural listening with WidexLink, an InterEar communication technology. This feature takes sounds from both sides and mixes it for a balanced audio experience. Wearers may personalize their listening experience by adjusting volume levels on both right and left aids; equalizing frequency; mixing sounds; and selecting directionality of the microphones. As such, BEYOND provides wearers a highly personal listening experience.

Easy Customization with BEYOND

With the awareness that hearing loss is a highly personal experience, Widex has created BEYOND to be a highly customizable hearing aid, making it easy for wearers to tailor their listening experience.

In the BEYOND app, create your own listening programs with a label and image for ease of access. You may even locate your hearing aids if they are lost through this app. With heightened flexibility, wearers may access program adjustments, preference controls, and mute functionality with ease.

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