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Hearing aid wearers are increasingly looking for adaptable devices that will suit their unique needs, preferences, and lifestyles. Thanks to recent technological innovations, hearing devices have become more intuitive, personalized and convenient than ever. The Muse line – recently introduced by Starkey—is a great example of how this innovation can make wearing a hearing aid something that is not just a necessity, but also a convenient and enjoyable part of daily life. Muse is a full family of hearing devices that combine the best new technologies to provide high definition audio, multi-faceted wireless connectivity, improved durability, advanced tinnitus and unilateral hearing loss solutions, and a rich and nuanced sound delivery system. This line is available in many different styles and models to suit a wide variety of aesthetic preferences.

Comfort and Adaptability

Muse hearing devices have been designed to provide the wearer with greater ease of understanding and comfort in a wide variety of sound environments. Combining the powerful Synergy operating platform and Acuity Directionality system, these devices can classify and adapt to multiple sounds simultaneously, while still processing every sound uniquely. Wearers will be able to better locate where sounds are coming from and comfortably hear a range of sounds at once, from the very soft to the very loud. Muse aids are also equipped with a top-of-the-line feedback cancellation system for comfortable and distortion-free listening, as well as increased speech audibility in challenging sound environments. The result is a listening experience that is rich, nuanced, and true to life.

Unique Wireless Options

Many of the innovations of the Muse hearing line come in the form of improved wireless connection and audio-streaming capabilities. Making use of Starkey’s new 900sync Technology and popular SurfLink accessories, Muse hearing devices provide powerful, longer distance, high bit-rate streaming for phone calls, TV, music, and more—all with consistently clear sound and no distortion. Muse hearing aids also allow for ear-to-ear phone streaming – a huge benefit for those with single-sided hearing loss.

Enhanced Music Enjoyment

Muse aids are well-suited for music lovers, thanks to increased processing power and a design that provides superior audibility and on-demand, automatic control of music settings. With these devices, wearers will find that soft sounds become more audible, while loud sounds will be refined and clear. The overall result is that wearers will be able to hear songs the way they are meant to be heard, without missing out on any of the rich and complex tones that make music great.

A Style for Everyone

Muse devices are available in a variety of styles, and are customizable enough to provide solutions for many kinds of lifestyles and hearing needs, including one-sided hearing loss and tinnitus. With Starkey’s wireless CROS and BiCROS solutions, Muse wearers can directly stream incoming audio, such as music and phone calls, to both ears at once—a feature which can greatly ease understanding for those with unilateral or uneven hearing loss. For people who experience tinnitus—a ringing or buzzing in the ears—along with their hearing loss, Muse offers Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, designed to provide the most advanced relief from this bothersome condition. These Muse features are available in many different models, sizes, and colors so that wearers can be sure to get the personal fit and appearance that suits them best.

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