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The World’s First Lithium-Ion, Inductive Charging Hearing Aid

Cellion Primax is the world’s first inductive, wireless, contact-free rechargeable hearing aid. Rechargeable hearing aids are an excellent solution to the energy drain on traditional batteries. As hearing aids grow more and more advanced in technology, they require more in terms of energy. To ensure confidence for hearing aid wearers, Signia is moving toward rechargeable solutions.

From Signia, “Cellion’s power management is breathtaking, unrivaled by any other hearing aid. Regardless of the hearing loss treated, it can run for at least 24 hours with unlimited streaming.” Unlike other rechargeables, Signia Cellion Primax batteries will last several years, requiring less battery replacement and waste.

Cellion provides a 24-hour listening span on a single four-hour charge. For those who need a quick charge, a 30-minute “fast charge” provides Cellion seven hours of unfettered listening. Cellion may be charged with a new charging unit from Signia. There is also a USB-charging option for people who lead active lives and are always on the move.


Proven to Reduce Listening Effort
Signia Cellion Primax is the newest hearing aid model from Signia, in the Primax family. Cellion boasts the features that make Primax great. Primax is the most innovative and technologically advanced hearing aid to date from Sivantos Group. This new line combines better than normal hearing in challenging listening environments with clinically-proven reduced listening effort throughout the day. In 2015, Primax hearing aids were at the heart of a study from the University of Northern Colorado. Participants were subjected with speech tests while wearing Primax hearing aids. Results found that SpeechMaster and EchoShield features of the Primax reduced listening effort for participants.

Speech Recognition Feature: SpeechMaster

For those who experience hearing loss, speech recognition is one of the biggest challenges, especially with conversations against background noise such as in busy restaurants. Primax is equipped with SpeechMaster, a feature that provides the wearer flexibility in where they want to focus their listening attention.

With a collection of algorithms designed to elucidate speech, SpeechMaster balances three technologies: digital noise reduction, directionality microphones, and steering amplification. These features allow Primax wearers to focus on the dominant speech sounds they want to hear.


EchoShield is an innovative feature that softens sounds to prevent over-amplification, ensuring that the listening experience is much more comfortable. EchoShield protects sounds, eliminates reverberations, and reduces listening efforts and clarifies degraded sound that wearers may experience in difficult spaces, such as places of worship, hallways, atriums, etc. Primax’s Sound Smoothing feature assists in this effort, ensuring that sharper, louder sounds are softened.

HD Music for Music Lovers

Most traditional hearing aids are designed to improve speech recognition, but there is little attention – if any – given to music listening. Music lovers with hearing loss will appreciate Primax’s HD Music, a feature with three settings to enhance music listening and capture the many different frequencies in music. HD Music may be programmed to “Live Music,” for any concert, indoor or out; “Recorded Music” for listening in the home; and a specialized “Musician” setting for music lovers who also play music.

Cellion Primax Style

The Cellion Primax is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid, only slightly larger than the Pure Primax RIC. It treats all degrees of hearing loss, and is fully customizable for the most comfortable fit. There is no battery door, and wearers need not worry with changing batteries. Cellion is rated at IP68, preventing the accumulation of dust and humidity, ensuring a longer life.

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