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Signia is the latest premium brand by Sivantos, the company that brings you Siemens hearing instruments. Signia believes that hearing should be easy and natural. They’ve built upon their Micon and Binax platforms with Primax, the latest advancement in Soundability. Primax achieves its goal of making hearing effortless by combining the wearer’s individual preferences with the perfect balance of audibility and sound quality.

Clinically Proven better-than-normal
hearing with less effort

Straining to hear voices, whether in quiet or noisy environments, can be extremely tiring. People with hearing challenges can get especially exhausted by the effort required to hear. Thanks to a new feature called SpeechMaster, Primax changes that. Primax focuses on the dominant speaker and reduces background sounds and voices. SpeechMaster highlights the other person’s voice and delivers amazing sound quality, making hearing effortless and increasing the ease of listening in many situations.
Signia Ace Primax
Hearing Aid
Signia Pure Primax
Hearing Aid
Signia MX BTE Hearing Aid
Signia MX BTE Hearing Aid

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