Founded in 1847 in Berlin, Siemens began as a manufacturer of telegraphic instruments. With the invention of the telephone in 1877, Siemens created an amplified telephone receiver for people who were hard of hearing. By 1913, Siemens began to produce hearing aids. Now renowned as an innovator of hearing instruments, Siemens was the first to introduce the behind-the-ear hearing aid in 1959 and the in-the-ear hearing aid in 1966. Now in the 21st century, Siemens continues their innovative work. In 2014, they produced the first hearing aid to outperform normal hearing, the binax, which was awarded the Gold Edison Award.

Outperforming Normal Hearing: binax series

Inspired by healthy auditory systems, the Binax hearing aid collection mirrors binaural hearing (that of two ears) and features directional microphones to capture a full spectrum of sound. The binax is the first hearing aid to outperform normal hearing in challenging noise situations. Two independent studies conducted by the University of Northern Colorado and the Hearing Center of the University of Oldenburg found that binax wearers were able to hear more clearly and accurately than people with normal hearing in noisy environments, such as busy restaurants and bustling parties.
The success of the binax relies on the e2e wireless technology, which utilizes the four microphones on each hearing aid to wirelessly connect and communicate with the one on the other ear, creating an eight-microphone network to share audio information. The binax is available in five different models, customizable to meet different degrees of hearing loss. Equipped with wireless technology, binax hearing aids are compatible to be linked up with personal electronic devices, giving wearers better access to technology, media, and contacts. Utilizing the touchControl app, downloadable for smart phones, wearers are able to adjust program settings and volumes discreetly.

Fully Waterproof: Aquarius

The Aquaris is the world’s first fully waterproof, dust proof, and shockproof hearing aid. It is designed to withstand the elements and debris that accumulates daily and it is the best choice for people with active lifestyles, from athletes to nature lovers. The Aquaris may also be worn in the shower, giving wearers a seamless listening experience. Rated on the Ingress Protection scale, the Aquarius received a 68, the highest possible rating (0-6 for solids and 0-8 for liquids). As a behind-the-ear hearing aid, the Aquarius is discreet while providing a great sound quality, with feedback reduction and automatic adjustments. Like the binax, the Aquaris is also designed to simulate binaural hearing.

Styles and Features

Siemens hearing aids are designed to connect wirelessly to phones and other personal electronic devices, through the easyTek app or the touchControl apps. These apps give wearers control over program features and volume on their devices, adding a layer of discretion. Siemens hearing aid models include behind-the-ear options (Motion, Nitro, Orion 2, Sirion 2, Intuis 2, Lotus and Aquaris); receiver-in-canal options (Ace, Pure, Carat, Orion); and in-the-ear options (Nitro, Orion 2, Sirion 2, Intuis 2, and Lotus). Tinnitus therapy is also available for select models. Certain models are also rechargeable with an e-charger and dehumidifying unit, which provides a long battery life.

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