Founded in 1904, Oticon is a Danish hearing aid manufacturer with the mission “People first.” For over a century now, Oticon has dedicated their research, development and design to technology that is life-changing for their users. In conjunction with the Ericksholm Research Centre, Oticon conducts individual in-depth interviews and focus groups to receive feedback and determine their next inventions, in order to produce hearing devices that improve the lives of people with hearing loss worldwide.

BrainHearing Technology

Oticon’s latest innovation is BrainHearing Technology, which is rooted in the process by which the brain hears sounds. We hear sounds when sound waves travel through our outer and middle ear to the inner ear, where they are turned into neural signals sent to the brain to be registered as sound. With hearing loss, this process is hindered and sound signals are not making their way to the brain as clearly.
This is where Oticon’s BrainHearing Technology steps in. With four key features, BrainHearing Technology assists the brain in hearing: 1) Speech Guard E, which improves speech recognition, especially in challenging noise situations; 2) Spatial Sound, which receives sounds binaurally, to give the wearer a context of their surroundings; 3) FreeFocus, which assists the brain in determining relevant sounds and to shift between sounds; and 4) YouMatic, which gives wearers full control over personalization to meet their specific hearing needs.

Wireless Connectivity

Powered by the Inium Platform, Oticon hearing aids connect wirelessly to smartphones and personal electronic devices, as well as televisions and remote microphones. The ConnectLine wireless system gives wearers access to phone calls, which stream directly from the phone to the hearing aid. With wireless connectivity, wearers are also able to control program features and volume on their electronic devices, giving them ease of access. Oticon hearing aids are also fully digital, which provides excellent sound quality – and though digital, wireless hearing aids tend to drain batteries, Oticon hearing aids boast a longer battery life with the Inium Platform.

Styles and Features

Oticon offers a wide range of styles and models, to meet different hearing needs. The best-selling model from Oticon is the Alta2, which features BrainHearing Technology, Soft Speech Booster (to assist wearers in quiet conversations), and improved speech recognition. Other popular models include the Ria2 and Nera2. Alta, Ria, and Nera hearing aids are available in a range of styles: behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, completely-in-canal, and invisible-in-canal.

For people who experience severe to profound hearing loss, Oticon offers two hearing aid models: the Sumo and the Dynamo. Both models provide features to improve sound quality for higher levels of hearing loss, especially speech recognition. The Dynamo is equipped with a SpeechRescue feature, while the Sumo provides amplification for low-frequency sounds. The Sumo and Dynamo are available in different wearing styles as well.

All Oticon hearing aids are compatible with a key-sized remote control (for people who do not want to connect wirelessly to their smartphones or tablet), and are coated in a moisture-resistant shell to protect the electronic components from the elements. Oticon hearing aids offer telecoils, which connect with hearing loops for amplified sound, and tinnitus therapy.

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