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Discover what we’ve accomplished for so many others in Tacoma, WA who were experiencing hearing loss. We can help you too.

Meet the Team

Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson


Keith Wilson has been helping people hear better since 1994 after completing the Bates Technical College hearing aid technology program, and started working with Puget Sound Hearing Aid & Audiology in 1996. He has a great passion for helping the hard of hearing and it shows. Keith has many patients that have been working with him for 20+ years.

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Because of multiple trainings from various hearing aid manufacturers, Keith has a talent for troubleshooting and repairs on all makes of hearing aids. Keith is now co-owner and co-president of Puget Sound Hearing Aid & Audiology. In his leisure time, he enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, traveling, and playing drums in a local cover band.

Lauren Swanson, HIS

Lauren Swanson, HIS

Hearing Aid Specialist

Lauren Swanson’s interests consume of being active and keeping the body healthy, physically and mentally. She has always had an attachment to helping others in any shape or form and wanted to turn that into a career.

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Unexpectedly, she found a passion with hearing when she realized it’s more than just hearing aids: it’s helping individuals connect with their loved ones and keeping in tune with their style of living. Lauren graduated from Bates Technical College where she deepened her passion of bettering people’s lives through hearing. Lauren’s primary focus is not where you are at with your hearing but where you want to be so you can start living the fullest life possible.

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    Adults should have their hearing evaluated every one to three years depending on what their hearing tests reveal. The more significant your hearing loss, the more frequently you should be tested to make sure you don’t need hearing aids. At our Tacoma, WA location we’re equipped to do a full hearing evaluation including hearing tests for the inner, outer, and middle ear. Please fill out our form for more information.

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