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Discover what we’ve accomplished for so many others in Puyallup, WA who were experiencing hearing loss. We can help you too.

Meet the Team

Deb Leenhouts, HIS

Deb Leenhouts, HIS

Hearing Aid Specialist

Puyallup, WA

In the early stages of Deb’s career, she worked several years in the office world until she decided to make a life change.

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She wanted something more rewarding and to help people. She went back to school at Bates Technical College to become a hearing healthcare professional and graduated with an Associate’s degree.

Deb has been with Puget Sound Hearing Aid & Audiology for her entire hearing professional career of 12+ years and she is very dedicated to helping her patients and making a difference in their lives. She understands the day-to-day struggles a person with hearing loss goes through and has compassion for patients who are dealing with this. She strives to give them back the quality of life that they and their families are longing for.

Deb entered this profession because she loves helping people and seeing the look on their faces when they hear things they haven’t heard in a long time. She feels truly rewarded when a patient says thanks for giving me back my spouse/life with happy tears and sometimes followed by BIG hugs!

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    Adults should have their hearing evaluated every one to three years depending on what their hearing tests reveal. The more significant your hearing loss, the more frequently you should be tested to make sure you don’t need hearing aids. At our Puyallup, WA location we’re equipped to do a full hearing evaluation including hearing tests for the inner, outer, and middle ear. Please fill out our form for more information.


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