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Discover what we’ve accomplished for so many others in Kent, WA who were experiencing hearing loss. We can help you too.

Meet the Team

Allie Sims, Au.D.

Allie Sims, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology

Kerry Lam, HIS

Kerry Lam, HIS

Hearing Aid Specialist

Kent, WA

Kerry Lam graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics in 2013. Soon after graduation, she worked as a research study assistant on a project exploring speech therapies for individuals with a communication disorder, kindling her desire to help people improve their quality of life through communication.

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She hopped over from speech to hearing care in 2018 when she joined Puget Sound Hearing Aid & Audiology as an audiology assistant. She is currently pursuing training to become a hearing aid specialist to learn how to best serve the hearing needs of the community.

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    Adults should have their hearing evaluated every one to three years depending on what their hearing tests reveal. The more significant your hearing loss, the more frequently you should be tested to make sure you don’t need hearing aids. At our Kent, WA location we’re equipped to do a full hearing evaluation including hearing tests for the inner, outer, and middle ear. Please fill out our form for more information.


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